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Training Course - Reservation

Please use this form to request a reservation on any of our public courses held in Montreal, Canada or you may call us to discuss your training needs at +01 514-315-4296. Please contact us for information about on-site training (OST) and training courses in other worldwide locations which we can organize in conjunction with partner organizations.

Reservation Information

The fields marked '*' are required. All others are optional. You may want to read our privacy policy statement before filling in any other fields.

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The Booking Process

  1. We will reply to your email within 24 hours requesting that you also confirm that you did indeed send the email. This is to prevent spamming.

  2. Once you have confirmed that you did send the email we will calculate the course price (including any discounts due to Extra Days) and email you with this quotation. We will request that you acknowledge and accept the quotation.

  3. Thirty (30) days before the course commences requesting payment we will send you an email requesting payment.

  4. If we do not receive payment 14 days (10 working days) prior to the course commencing we will cancel your reservation.

See our Terms and Conditions.

Local Hotels

Montreal is a major tourist location and as a consequence the city has many thousands of hotels. However, being a major tourist center hotels can get booked early especially during conventions and at major holiday times and you are advised to book as early as practical. ZyTrax does not endorse or recommend any hotel but can provide a list of hotels and hotel web sites that students may wish to use as a starting point.


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