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About this Web site

We provide some information about this site for those interested in these kinds of things. We have always developed our site in-house as a means of experimentation with new technologies and user interfaces, throw in a touch of tight-fistedness and we have a volatile mix.

Site History

We have six objectives for the site:

  1. Provide simple, clean and consistent navigation
  2. Provide a contact location on every page - if you want to tell us something we want to make it as easy as possible
  3. Lightweight 'look n' feel' to site
  4. Sensible use of technology - leading edge (but not bleeding edge)
  5. Fast page load - pages are typically 50 to 90% smaller than they were
  6. An increasing 'Tech Stuff' section as a resource for the community

Comments are welcome as always (use the 'mail us' navigation at the top or the comments section at the foot of the page).


If you are interested, the site currently uses the following technologies:

One of the more interesting side-effects of the design strategy adopted in 1999 is that depending on the browser you are using you will get a different dynamically generated page and page look. We currently support MSIE 6+, the Gecko browsers (includes NS 7+), Opera 7+ and a default format for mobile and portable devices. This approach speeds page-load times by delivering minimal JS (and CSS) since it can exclude all that gruesome browser type checking stuff that significantly bloats most javascript (if you are into this stuff).

Our Buttons

We want to support the existing W3C standards and to ensure that the various browsers comply with those standards.

The buttons are conditionally generated by CSS to indicate page features and the underlying technologies used. You may not see any of them depending on the page or your browser.

The button idea has a long and illustrious history - they are modifications of Eric Meyer's CSS implementation of the Raging Platypus design who got the idea from Antipixel. So there. We conditionally generate them on a page using CSS Selectors.

We try to keep them to a minimum and use them consistently. Everyone thinks they have the most obvious symbols on the planet ... but no-one does. We are no exception.

go back Go Back to.. a specific page (text explains where) or use the 'Back' button in your Browser to return where you came from.
go to Go to ... additional information (arrow may be black, blue or white)
go up Go to top of page... or page contents
go down Go to location below on this page
links We normally use blue and under-line when you mouse-over a link. If you mouse over a link that opens a new window it will look like this.
Home Click the ZYTRAX Logo on any page to go to our home page.

Well, we said there were not that many ..

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If you are happy it's OK - but your browser is giving a less than optimal experience on our site. You could, at no charge, upgrade to a W3C standards compliant browser such as Firefox


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