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Training and Knowledge Acquisition

Zytrax undertakes training in DNS, IPv6, DHCP, LDAP, Identity Management and Telecommunications (SS7 and VoIP). Our training programs are designed to complement and enhance the extensive documentation we make freely available on our site. Our objective in these courses is more than just classic skill acquisition, rather we focus on genuine knowledge acquisition on the part of attendees. We cover not just the what of a particular topic but also the why, where appropriate, to provide both greater depth of understanding and to transfer knowledge that will last a lot longer than mere tactical process skill. Our instructors are uniquely knowlegeable on the topics they teach, in specific cases being published authors of well received reference works, and in all cases are active practioners in their topic speciality. Our courses are grounded in the practioners art and knowledge - not just theory.

You are welcome to contact us directly by email or by telephone (+1-514-315-4296) to discuss specific needs, tailored courses, on-site courses or on-line (remote) courses. La formation est aussi disponible en français.

Current Standard Courses include:


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