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Tech Stuff - Ruby Glossary

The beginning of our point and click glossary to ruby - we'll see how it goes. We'd like to see some form of feature in the RDOC stuff with user contributions like the PHP manual and if we ever get round to it (unlikely) we'll do some more thinking. If the item below has got a link read it - otherwise put up with our definition. You have been warned.

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term parent description
? Core API At the end of a test e.g. has_key? indicates ruby will return a boolean ( 0 = false) else return normal ruby response e.g. 0 = true. This is called a predictate method.
# Core API Used in a string to embed a variable e.g. #{varname}
:: Core API Confusing - well to us (so what's new). Can be used as an alias for '.' but if a class is embedded in a class (a sub-class) then the :: syntax must be used to differentiate from a method. Example:

myinst.each {|x| print x}
# exactly the same as
myinst::each {|x| print x}
# where each is a method  (uses 'def')

# use in a sub-class
class Thing
 class One
# is invoked by
inst =
# if you use Thing.One it will look for a method
% Core API Defines a literal - enclose in []<>() {}:
%q  single quoted string
%Q  double quoted string
%w array of tokens
%r regular expression
%x shell command
<< Core API Append (to a file or array)
myarray << 1 # add new element to array
mystring << "add" # faster that mystring += "add"
< Core API Inherit class methods
class Two
class One < Two
# class One inherits all the methods of class Two
# plus its own methods

Glossary Navigation

Select from the range below:

Symbols ?, #, ::, etc. | a - d | e - l | m - r | s - z

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Tech Stuff

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