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Welcome to ZyTrax

Zytrax Training

ZYTRAX Training focuses on Knowledge Acquisition and Transfer. We provide high quality courses in DNS and LDAP where our subject-matter experts are unique in their fields. We've even written books on this stuff. We don't simply teach courses, which is what most of our competition does, we transfer the knowledge of our subject-matter experts to our students. Our experts are passionate about their subjects. And yes, it is possible for (relatively) normal human beings to get passionate about DNS, or LDAP. There is a big difference being taught by someone who feels strongly about their subject. At the end of a course our students don't just know the material, they understand it. Your organization wins all round. We provide a range of standard public and on-site courses and can customize material to meet your needs.

Zytrax Tech Stuff

The ZYTRAX Tech Stuff section is a collection of technical information that we have found useful over the years and which is provided as a free service to the community. We ask in return that if you spot errors or omissions you drop us an email. We always answer in the same spirit that you write to us.

Zytrax Open Source

ZYTRAX has been an advocate of Open Source solutions for many years, we have added a second in our series of whimsically named Rocket Scientist Guides LDAP for Rocket Scientists. The first in the series, DNS for Rocket Scientists, has already proven immensely popular and is being used hundreds of thousand of times per month.

Other Stuff

If you are curious about these things you can find out why we called the company ZyTrax. And some information about the technology used on our web site if that kind of stuff appeals to you.





tech stuff

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CSS Technology SPF Record Conformant Domain

If you are happy it's OK - but your browser is giving a less than optimal experience on our site. You could, at no charge, upgrade to a W3C STANDARDS COMPLIANT browser such as Mozilla


Stuff Column
You may find some of these things interesting..or then again you may not...
We've Moved
To improve our service we are now hosted by in some far off land. Very happy ... so far. Thanks.
Fighting Back
Click any SPF button to read about our policy and how to define a DNS SPF record. We urge you to publish SPF records to reduce SPAM and stop identity theft. You also might want to consider DKIM.
Open Source - it's complicated
Great software. Legal and free. OpenOffice has moved to the Apache foundation where they are figuring out how to move it forward. In the meantime we, like many others, have moved to LibreOffice. But it's all so serious now. We remember when Ethereal's (now wireshark) marketing slogan was "Sniffing the glue that holds the Internet together". Now that was fun. But fun is soooo last century.
There was a time when we got excited about HTML and CSS standards. Validated everything that moved. Religiously. But the world was young then and we believed what the W3C told us. HTML 5 is a joke. Whatever someone thinks it is today, or yesterday, or last week. Meh.
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