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ZYTRAX webmail+ User Notes

Welcome to the new webmail+ service. You can read and send e-mail, maintain an address book, personalize the way your mail is displayed including the choice of language all using a normal web browser such as MS Internet Explorer or Firefox. This service is in addition to your normal email client access but you should read synchronizing web and email clients. The information is provided as a series of FAQs. Existing webmail users support information.


  1. How do I access (login) webmail+?
  2. How do I configure webmail+ for French (or German etc) language preference.
  3. How do I read and send mail using webmail+?
  4. Can I use webmail+ and my email client at the same time?
  5. How do I configure and use the Spellchecker?
  6. I have just deleted an email that I need
  7. My from: email address is not correct when I send mail
  8. How do I change my mail account password?

How do I access (login) webmail+?

To access webmail+ do the following:

  1. Load a web browser (for example Netscape Navigator, Firefox or Internet Explorer)

  2. On the 'Address' line (Explorer) or 'Location' line (Navigator) type:

  3. Where should be replaced with your domain name (the part of your e-mail address AFTER the @ sign) for example if your email address is, to access webmail+ you would enter into your web browser.

  4. At the Login screen enter your mailbox address. If your email address (as in the above example is them just enter me (or you use your full email address if that is easier to remember) in the e-mail address field and your account password, then click Login

  5. To logout at any time click Sign Out (at top right of every screen).

Note: The initial login screen is always displayed in english irrespective of your language preference.

How do I configure webmail+ for French (or German etc) language preference.

To configure webmail+ for your choice of language do the following:

  1. login to your webmail+ account

  2. click the Options menu (top left of main screen)

  3. click Display Preferences

  4. find the line marked Language and select your language preference from the drop down menu (you can change any other value on this screen as required)

  5. When you have finished selecting any preferences click the Submit button (at bottom right of screen)

  6. On completion of this operation the options screen from step 3 above will be displayed in the original language, clicking any other screen will then use the newly selected language except for the left hand menu sidebar which will only change on the next sign out/login sequence.

How do I read and send mail using webmail+?

To READ mail using webmail+

  1. login to your webmail+ account

  2. The default screen when you login will display the latest 15 messages in your INBOX (the number of messages displayed at any time can be set by the Options->Display Preferences->Number of Messages per Page option - remember to click Submit when you are finished).

  3. This screen also displays which messages are being viewed and the total number of messages (top right of main screen)

  4. Unread messages will have bold link under the subject heading. Clicking this link will display the message from which Forward, Forward as attachment, Reply and Reply All options are provided. When mail has been read the clickable subject link will return to normal (non-bold) font.

  5. To delete mail click the checkbox on the right of the mail item that you want to dlete (more than one may be selected at any one time) then click the Delete button at the top right of the main screen.

  6. To return to the list of mail items at any time click the INBOX link on the left menu sidebar.

To SEND Mail using webmail+

  1. Click the Compose link (top left of main screen).

  2. The various field should be self-explanatory (click the Help link at top right of main screen)

  3. The Signature button adds a signature at bottom of page (the signature is created using Options->Personal Information) and may be appended automatically using the Use Signature radio button in the Personal Information screen.

  4. The Addresses button displays local address book information. The address book is created and edited using Addresses (on top left of main screen)

Can I use webmail+ and my email client at the same time?

It is possible to use both your normal email client, such as Outlook, Outlook express or Thunderbird at the same time as you use webmail+. But the following notes should be read carefully:

  1. You can use webmail+ at any time to send mail even if you are using your home or office PC to read mail.

  2. webmail+ reads mail stored on our server. Normally your email client when it reads mail copies the mail to your local PC and deletes it from our server. This mail cannot be read using webmail+ it is only available on your local PC.

  3. If you are travelling or out of the office and whish to use webmail+ to both send and receive mail you should ensure that your home PC is either switched off or is not running your mail client program.

How do I configure and use the Spellchecker?

webmail+ contains a multi-lingual spellchecker facility. Currently only English, French (Français) and Spanish dictionaries are installed - additional languages can be installed by request. To set the default language used by the spellchecker proceed as follows:

  1. Select Options->SpellCheck Options

  2. On the new screen click set up international dictionaries

  3. On the new screen check the required language. If more than one language is selected then a drop down box of the checked languages is displayed when the spellchecker is invoked for each message. If only a single language is selected no choice is provided.

  4. Select the required Make this dictionary my default selection: language as appropriate.

  5. Click the Make these changes button.

I have just deleted an email that I need?

When you delete mail in any folder (except Trash - see below) webmail+ moves it to the Trash folder from where it may be moved back into any suitable folder.

Note: To ensure that the Trash folder does not grow too big ZYTRAX will periodically delete all but the last 10 mails on a regular basis.

My from: email address is not correct when I send mail

WebMail normally uses your login email name as the from address when sending mail. If this address is not correct it can be configured as follows:

How do I change my mail account password?

To change your account password:

  1. Log-in to your mail account via a web browser.
  2. When you have logged in click the 'Options' menu at the top of the screen.
  3. When this page is displayed click 'Change Password'. When this page displays you are requested to type your 'old password' (your current password) and the new password twice to make sure its correct.
  4. When you have finished making the changes click the 'Change Password' button.
  5. Click Log Out menu at the top of the screen.

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