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Multicast Router - Management

Configuration and Management Features

ZYTRAX Routers provide a number of management features.

Router configured using SNMP and a ZyTrax Enterprise MIB.

ZYTRAX Routers are configured using a ZyTrax enterprise SNMP MIB. The MIB allows read access using a community value of 'public'. Write access requires a unique 'community value' (password).

SNMP support for standard IP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, and Interface statistics.

Standard MIB-II values for TCP, IP, UDP, ICMP and the Interface group can be read via the Router.

Telnet support for run-time diagnostics and statistics.

Telnet is supported for read only purposes and has 16 pages of diagnostic and status information available including interface stats, IP. UDP, TCP, ICMP stats, Link connection status, monitor of traffic going into and out of the router (by IP source and destination address) etc.

Software controlled reset feature (via TCP, UDP or ICMP).

WarpOne may be reset locally or remotely using either TCP, UDP (via the MIB) or ICMP (all methods subject to Access Controls).

Full Local and remote management and diagnostic support.

All WarpTwo management and diagnostic features may be run remotely or locally. When using remote management services with a thin Proxy service a Port Map must be defined to enable the required access methods.

LIVE MIB feature allows the user to dynamically change configuration at run time (without service interruption).

WarpTwo supports a LIVE MIB service. When a SNMP enterprise MIB parameters is changes the configuration will be immediately used i operation running. This allows live re-configuration of all router features without incurring any down-time.

Access Lists (GoodGuys) define allowable management and diagnostic features on a per IP address (and optional subnet mask) basis.

The GoodGuys list (a.k.a an Access List) defines those Hosts (or Host ranges) that are permitted access to Router features. The access list may be further defined to allow access to any or any combination of features (Configuration, Monitoring and Reset/Load). In low security environments a Telnet password is used to deter and stop accidental access to the router.

Dual applications maintained in FLASH memory.

WarpTwo maintains two copies of the application in FLASH. One of these copies is LIVE (being used), the other is available to be upgraded. This method ensures that it is impossible to lose the application even if power fails during an application update cycle. Many competing products die under these circumstances or require additional analog line access.

Application upgrades may be ‘downloaded’ and written to FLASH during normal operation.

WarpTwo maintains two copies of the application in FLASH. One these copies is LIVE (being used), the other is available to be upgraded. This method allows an application upgrade to be treated like normal data transmission and without interrupting normal routing functions. To use the new application the router must be reset.  A special MIB parameter is used to allow a number of seconds to be defined after which the router will reset. Thus a new application can be loaded during the day and the router configured to reset at 2 AM in the morning.

Dual FLASH applications and unique 'probation' feature ensures that the most reliable software is always operational.

ZYTRAX Routers maintain two copies of the application in FLASH. When a new application is loaded it goes onto 'probation'. If the new application fails before it has exceeded the time that the previous version was running for, the router reverts to the previous application after the reset. This ensures that the most ereliable version of the application is always active. This feature can be overridden using a MIB parameter if required.

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